What We Do

Applying for a Green Card or work visa in the US can be a traumatic and painful experience involving a great deal of uncertainty. The process is often convoluted and opaque, involving at best an extended, nervous wait and at worst, a traumatic uprooting of ones entire life. However, despite the great uncertainty surrounding this process, little advice is given to potential applicants aside from vague pointers and ad hoc guidelines.

Here, we do the hard work for you, so you can predict whether your application will be accepted and investigate the factors that influence acceptance. Find out a little bit more about our project and how it can help you, here:

The Application Process

This is a 'simplified' overview of the Green Card Application process:

Does your head hurt yet? This may as well be a black box for all the help it provides. Here, we want to get inside that black box and tell you how successful you might be in applying and what you can do to improve your chances.

The Data

How Well Can We Predict Success?

Feature Importances

How Much Does Money Matter?

What Jobs Are in Demand?

Is There Bias By Country?

Acceptance Rate

Industry, Value Added